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You can make a difference

Safe Walrus Token aims to save as many animals as possible. Two percentages of every Safe Walrus token transaction is donated to animal shelters and charities.


$SWALRUS is a token on Binance Smart Chain. This was chosen both for it’s lower costs and its greatly reduced environmental impact. The 6% transaction fee is split into three equal parts :

  • 2% Charity: Sent directly to the charity wallet. To then be used for donations to animal welfare organization
  • 2% Redistribution: Holders will recieve tokens through a static reflection. This means long term is a key factor.
  • 2% Auto Liquidity: Every transaction automatically contributes to the locked liquidity pool. Which furthermore strengthens it.
  • Initial Liquidity is locked for five years.

Pre - Sale

Pre-sale coming soon. Pre-sale of our token on dxsale. We believe that as a community token SWALRUS has to be accessible to everyone.

How to buy

To adopt some SWALRUS of your own, use Pancakeswap. SWALRUS is tradeable using either MetaMask on your Chrome web browser or TrustWallet on your mobile device.

Slippage Tolerance





The walrus is a large pinniped with upper canine teeth that grow into long tusks. It is represented by two subspecies, the Atlantic and the Pacific walrus. Walruses are widely distributed but occupy a relatively narrow ecological niche, requiring areas of shallow water. Many walrus populations were historically overharvested, with varying levels of recovery.

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of anywhere else on Earth. Today the biggest threat facing walruses is the loss of stable sea ice due to climate change. As a result of less sea ice, walrus are changing their behavior.

While climate change will continue to make life harder for walruses in the Arctic, Safe Walrus is working to protect habitat, bolster spill response, mitigate climate change and defend the Marine Mammal Protection Act. We are fighting for the protection of Arctic Ocean and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

2% of all transactions are collected in a charity wallet. these funds will be donated to The Marine Mammal Center ( tax identification number is 51-0144434 ). Developers will fully relinquish control over donation executions and incorporate a fully automated donation system.

Roey Brown is an enthusiastic blockchain developer, having deep experiences on a major crypto exchange in Japan. He has diverse knowledge with Ethereum, Recommendation engines, and Big Data analysis. Additionally, Roey Brown is a long time OSS committer.JavaScript & Python developer, 5 years experience in development, 4 years as a full-stack web developer.
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” Climate change is driven by us, but it can be fixed by us. “